Playful Ambition: Local young craftsmen create a leather kingdom

Playful Ambition: Local young craftsmen create a leather kingdom

By 8world

Leather products with high quality and elegant appearance generally attract people, but there are probably only a handful of people who like leather enough to want to devote themselves to making it.

Xie Hui, 34, has been fond of disassembling and reassembling jewelry since he was a child. After becoming obsessed with leather in middle school, he not only loved wearing it, but when he grew up, he also took a design major and taught himself leather craftsmanship. After studying for a period of time, Xie Hui went from putting his works on consignment in other people's stores, and in 2008 he even boldly decided to create his own leather brand, specializing in homemade leather products, custom-made leather products and providing repair services for customers.

However, Xie Hui's entrepreneurial path was not as easy and smooth as he imagined. He was not familiar with business methods, experienced repeated setbacks such as being cheated and copied by competitors. What supported him in persevering was his love for leather after all. And this love not only allowed him to realize his dream when he was young, but also allowed him to meet good partners with similar interests and different talents.

Over the years, Xie Hui's studio has gradually become famous. In addition to accumulating a regular customer base and running workshops, it has also been invited by well-known car brands and government agencies to participate in some cooperation projects. The studio has also explored overseas markets and has sold tens of thousands of works so far.

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